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Photo Series

Take Cover

Digital Photography, 2022

Cover up, add layers, and dimension. As humans we always want to hide our flaws.


Digital Photography, 2021

My body moves in unique ways, and I used the camera to capture the history of why that is.

Not How I Remember

Digital Photography, 2020

This is a mall that I used to visit when I was younger. The mall is pretty much empty now, which is something that is becoming more and more common. I wanted to show that even in the state this building is in, you can still find beauty within the deteriorating walls.


Digital Photography, 2020

As someone with mental illness I know firsthand that at many times you may feel like you need to put on an act when you are in the real world. When you're alone you can tend to drop that act.

Who I want

Digital Photography, 2020

There is always a thought in the back of our heads of what the ideal person looks like. Sometimes I get tired of trying to live up to all the expectations.

How Do You feel?

Digital Photography, 2021

My work explores how people dream. Everyone has a different experience when it comes to dreaming. Some people remember their dreams and others do not. Some people have pleasant fantastical dreams, others only have nightmares. I captured how people dream by creating different feelings people experience when they

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